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BOOLEAN ENGINEERING Pty. Ltd., established in 1975, are consultant electronics technologists, and designers and manufacturers of electronic equipment, based in Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia.

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Remote Mains Power Switch
Remote Mains Power Switch - 240/110 V

     Over 6000 devices across Australia are Safely switching full 2400 watt.
     Remote operation over Signal Wire with User Selected 240 or 110 volt.
     Models: Power Fail Detect, Security Key, Time delayed, 3 Control Modes
     Power Connection via industry standard, universal IEC connectors
     User Selected outputs of normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC)
     Contacts rated 30 amp inrush current with LED indication of operation
Programmable Serial Control Relay
USB RS232 or RS485 Controlled Relay

     The EC - 3 is a solid state relay controlled over serial communications links
     Simple 10 character ASCII command sent over RS232 RS485 or USB link.
     Address selection and 3 Operating modes for maximum user flexibility
     Software Serial Control of A/V, process, industrial, automation Equipment
     Diagnostic report sent back after every operation for logging and control
     User controlled operation for Turn on/Turn/off delays and state Durations
4 - 20 MA Display
Large Trending 4 - 20 ma Display

     1 metre Multicolour high Visibility LED Linear display of Trending Data.
     Displays current State of 4 -20 ma delivered information Stream.
     USB echo of operation for logging with simple serial terminal software
     High/Low Set point, loop fail etc. with alarm relay and LED flashing
     LED display Densities of 30, 60 or 120 cells per Metre length options
     Adds Clarity and Intelligence to Large Format display of Control Systems
Proximity Touch Sensor
Proximity Touch Sensor

     Near field Touch cueing via the Proximity Sensing of a human hand.
     Mounted behind any non-metallic surface for discrete secure sensing.
     Allows Finger Tip detection through 5mm. or more of Plastic, Glass etc
     As small as 25mm. square. Larger pads operate through thicker panels.
     Detection is When the output Relay contacts Close (70ma ac/dc capacity)
     Used on Panels,Consoles, machine Controls, vending Machines etc
Armoured power cable
Shielded Australian Mains Power Lead

     Audiophile grade Shielded Mains Power leads with IEC Connectors
     Heavy Duty wires with Armoured Steel Shield conducted to Mains Earth
     Powdered Iron Torroid absorbs interference at Equipment Entry point.
     Protect and Enhance Theatre, HiFi, PRO AV and Commercial systems
     Custom lengths available of this Continental style Flexible mains Cable
     A simple upgrade to allow professional performance at a realistic price.
Power Filter for HI FI
Sequenced 6 Way Power Interface

     Eliminate Power Crosstalk with EMI filters Isolating each Power outlet.
     Zero Crossing Switching lets negligable Inrush Current into Equipment.
     Protect Equipment from on/off pops etc. by Timed Power Sequencing.
     Hybrid circuit of Plasma Arrestors, EMI filters and MOVs suppress spikes.
     Stop Costly and Wasteful Standby power with a Single Pushbutton.
     Six double filtered Outlets with Active and Neutral breaker Protection.

“Pure performance can only be achieved by the professional use of a combination of measures. For each that is missing, the sum of the remainder is greatly diminished. and performance compromised”
Another professional product from the 30 year design experience of Boolean Engineering Pty. Ltd.
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