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Near field touch cueing via the proximity sensing of a human hand is the speciality of the TRIGGER. When mounted behind any non-metallic surface its own metal plate can cause that surface to accept touch cues. This proximity effect can be extended to any metallic object attached to the TRIGGER plate. When a touch is detected, the unit asserts a voltage free contact from a solid state relay to cue display audio, video or lighting effects.

A new "through the panel" sensing technology allows the detection of a finger tip through 5mm. or more of any non metallic, dielectric material like plastic, glass or ceramic etc. with a device as small as 25mm.(1 inch) square. Larger pads operate through thicker panels.

These devices utilise smart sensing solutions like charge measurement and digital signal processing, in a tiny footprint, to solve tough real world switching problems. Consequently they can be used on display panels, operator consoles, machine controls, vending machines etc. etc. and in wet, dirty or corrosive atmospheres. They are designed to be indestructible.

From a single proximity button to a 128 key through panel matrix of arbitrary key size, shape and placement, there is a solution.

The printed plate is the detecting surface and can be mounted by the fixing holes behind most materials. When a hand touches a wall panel or person sits on a seat the plate field is disturbed for a few seconds and detection occurs.

The sensitivity of detection is dependant upon the type and thickness of material, so the PCB is factory set to be maximum with an onboard link attenuator. Attaching a metal object to the plate will make that object the sensing surface.

Detection is when the PhotoMOS N.O. output relay contacts close (70ma ac/dc capacity). Detection, indicated by the onboard LED, is for 1 to 30 seconds depending upon the strength of the signal.


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